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Innovative, interactive and connected, SIHH continues to evolve. At a time when digital plays a strategic role for business, SIHH stands out as a key event that creates multiple opportunities for networking and for learning. For the 20,000 attendees who are invited to discover the latest timepieces from the 35 exhibitors – 18 Historic Maisons and 17 independents in the Carré des Horlogers -, SIHH is still the launchpad for the year’s biggest trends in watchmaking, but not only. It’s also an immersive experience that is rich in content; an innovative, interactive and resolutely connected platform for the benefit of exhibitors, visitors and watch enthusiasts.

Hands-On With Parmigiani Fleurier’s 2019 Novelties

by Rhonda Riche – Michel Parmigiani may have got his start restoring antique clocks and watches, but with his eponymous brand, he has been a bit of a maverick. At SIHH in Geneva, we got to peek into the future of Parmigiani Fleurier and discovered a dedication which heightens the luxury experience and explores new ways to express time and technology…

A Closer Look At The Watches Redefining Girard-Perregaux In 2019

by Benjamin Teisseire – Girard-Perregaux’ 2019 collections presented at this year’s SIHH re-introduce the brand’s modernity and savoir-faire. The newly appointed CEO (also at the helm of Ulysse Nardin), Patrick Pruniaux explained the brand’s approach: "Girard-Perregaux benefits from an incredible level of love from collectors. The name alone evokes classical high horology finishings, but also chronometric precision and innovation. Today, we stand firmly on four pillars (Laureato, Bridges, 1966, and Cat's Eye) and our mission is to insist on the legitimate aspects which will strengthen our name while differentiating us at the same time.”

Hands-On With HYT’s Fluidic 2019 Creations

by Josh Shanks – From last year’s launch of the HYT H²0 Brown to downright mythical (in the watchmaking sense) creations released at SIHH 2019. Who would’ve thought, in less than a decade, HYT would be able to rewrite traditional watchmaking codes. At this year’s SIHH fair, HYT continued down this very innovative path with a bevy of new creations…

A New Look Speake-Marin Asserts Its Style In 2019

by Benjamin Teisseire – Since the 2017 departure of the brand’s founder, Peter Speake Marin, the watchmaking world has scrutinized the eponymous brand. With commanding skill, Christelle Rosnoblet, the passionate CEO at the helm of the new look Speake-Marin, negotiated the turnaround and asserted the most British inspired Swiss brand's style…

Hands-On: Ferdinand Berthoud's FB 1 Oeuvre d’Or, A Masterpiece Of Decoration

by Benjamin Teisseire – Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1 Chronometers are exceptional timekeepers. Winning the Aiguille d’Or at the GPHG in 2016, the FB 1.1 now offers two new versions in grey gold (FB 1.1-2) and rose gold (FB 1.2-1) adorned with decorations inspired from the astronomical pocket watch N°3 from Ferdinand Berthoud, dating back to 1806…

A. Lange & Söhne’s Zeitwerk Date: The Art Of Mastering Force By The Minute

by Vincent Daveau – Ten years ago, the Saxony-based manufacture blew the dust away from fine watchmaking codes by updating the finissage of mechanical movements. At the time, the brand presented an innovative new watch, The Zeitwerk. As it was called, was bestowed with a digital time-telling display on its dial that recalled the famous 5-minute clock in the Semper Opera House, Dresden.

Hermès Shows Its Horse Power With The Equestrian Themed Galop d’Hermès

by Rhonda Riche – Called Galop d’Hermès, this range was designed by American-born, Switzerland-based furniture designer Ini Archibong. He dug deep into the archives of the Conservatoire des créations at Hermès and drew inspiration from objects found in the company’s harness collections…

The Mermaids That Have Everyone Talking, Ulysse Nardin’s Sexy Sea Story

by Rhonda Riche – Ulysse Nardin started reviving the tradition of making highly complicated erotic watches about two decades ago. In the past, these watches provided more than cheap thrills. With their sculpted figures, hand painted dials and masterful mechanisms, they found a niche with collectors who appreciated savoir-faire and sexiness.

A Spirit Of Adventure and Military-Themed Watches Steal The Show at Montblanc

by Hyla Bauer – Montblanc’s three new watches in the 1858 collection embody the spirit of expedition and exploration. The just-introduced timepieces are constructed with bronze cases, khaki green dials and performance-grade NATO straps. In terms of the movements, Montblanc has the benefit of 160 years of watchmaking from the legendary Minerva workshop. In fact, Minerva made watches in the 20’s and 30’s specifically for exploration and military use. An early pioneer in “tool” watches, Minerva developed a manual monopusher chronograph movement small enough to fit in a wristwatch in the 1920’s.

A Watchmaker’s Take On The Armin Strom Dual Time Resonance Sapphire

by Vincent Daveau – Keeping in tune with the times makes sense, of course, for all watch manufacturers. Master watchmakers have been aware, ever since the invention of the pendulum clock by Christiaan Huygens in the mid-17th century, of the extent to which precision depends on how the balance swings. That said, not all inventors view the regularity of that swing in the same way. Armin Strom, a craftsman with a passion for skeleton-work, founded his manufacture in 1967. He sold the company in 2006 in order to launch his own manufacture in 2009, and has turned the showcasing of mechanical watch craftsmanship into an art form. In the process, he has tweaked the functioning of his mechanical watches to guarantee superior, longer-lasting precision.

Our Interview With Fabienne Lupo In Geneva: “SIHH 2019: An Excellent Year”

by Benjamin Teisseire – Fabienne Lupo has been head of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) since 2010, raising global awareness of the art of watchmaking and feeding the dreams of passionate fans around the world. She shared her impressions of the 29th SIHH with Watchonista at the end of 4 intense days at the show…

At Baume & Mercier, Baumatic Fanatics Are Treated To Vibrant And Complicated Upgrades

by Josh Shanks – When Baume & Mercier launched the Clifton Baumatic collection at last year’s SIHH fair, collectors and enthusiasts greeted the collection with enthusiasm. The Baumatic was a technical and aesthetical departure from anything the brand previously had on offer, with an entirely new in-house calibre (BM13) featuring a silicon hairspring, a first for any Richemont brand…

Going Clear With The Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One

by Rhonda Riche – We can honestly say that Bovet owns its own space in haute horology. If you don’t know Bovet’s backstory, Pascal Raffy, a French pharmaceutical executive was also a passionate watch collector. Legend tells us, decades ago, Raffy came across an antique pocketwatch made by a curious company called Bovet.

Richard Mille's Candy Land, The New Avant-Garde Bonbon Collection

by Rhonda Riche – Last September, when Richard Mille announced that he would no longer be exhibiting at SIHH after the 2019 fair, it sent a shockwave throughout the watch industry. The landscape of watch shows had already been shaken by the news, released in late July, that the Swatch group was withdrawing from Baselworld.

IWC Flying High With An Impressive Lineup Of New Pilot's

by Benjamin Teisseire – After a successful pre-SIHH teaser at the Goodwood Air Base in the UK last December that unveiled some of their novelties, IWC has released their full range of new pieces at SIHH 2019. And it is a whole squadron: sharp, efficient and focused…

Cartier's Wildly Successful Santos Collection Soars to New Heights

by Rhonda Riche – Cartier has an uncanny knack for knowing when to reinvent its classics. Last year at SIHH we saw a refresh of the Santos collection — named after the famed aviator Alberto Santos-Dumas. These timepieces fit very well with the recent eighties revival in fashion and design (including Gucci loafers and Memphis-inspired furnishings).

Our Top Six Favorite Watches Experienced At SIHH 2019 (So Far)

by Josh Shanks – Within the halls of Geneva’s Palexpo, there’s a clear consensus that the 2019 edition of SIHH may be the best in years. While the past few years have seen brands play a bit on the safe side, this year we’re seeing far more daring creations and an increasing number of complicated pieces. Here are a few of our favorite watches which we've had the opportunity to handle and photograph…

Jaeger-LeCoultre's Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel Lives Up To Its Name

by Rhonda Riche – Not content with just four multi-axis tourbillons in its movement arsenal, Jaeger-LeCoultre has outdone itself once again with the new Master Grande Tradition Westminster Perpetuel. The watch not only features Jaeger's new smaller-sized tourbillon and a perpetual calendar, it's equipped with a minute repeater that chimes the melody of the Big Ben clock in London.

A Closer Look (Up!) At The F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain Vertical

by Vincent Daveau – Fascinated since birth with precision and high-end mechanical watchmaking, François-Paul Journe has continuously striven to surprise fans and delight collectors with watches featuring unusual tourbillon regulators. A true connoisseur of the sophisticated mechanism developed and perfected by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1801.

Panerai Releases A Slew Of New Submersibles And Ultra-Limited Experience Only Pieces

by Benjamin Teisseire – When you have a portfolio of collections as strong as Officine Panerai does, it is could easy to rest on your laurels. But that’s not Panerai’s style. The brand has proved again its unique ability to infuse youth in its iconic lines and generate enthusiasm among existing Paneristi and future fans. With on-trend colors and associations with meaningful ambassadors, the brand continues to elevate their stature for collectors of all kinds. Moreover, for 2019, Panerai is taking the idea of brand experience to the next level.

Vacheron Constantin’s Traditionelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar With An Astounding 65 Days Of Power Reserve

by Hyla Bauer – When luxury watch collectors talk about their most coveted timepieces, convenience isn’t usually high on the list of topics. Well, that particular horological subject has taken on a new relevance with the introduction of Vacheron Constantin’s new Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar.

Xploring Ulysse Nardin’s SKELETON X and FREAK X Novelties (Hands-On)

by Josh Shanks – Statement pieces are all the rage of SIHH. Brands come each year to the show, display provocative (sometimes prototype) wares and then go about their day-to-day after getting the requisite buzz. NOT Ulysse Nardin! The Le Locle based watchmaker produces provocative, forward-thinking, and even erotic pieces year-round.

A. Lange & Söhne Introduces The LANGE 1 “25th Anniversary” Edition

by Josh Shanks – The year was 1994, US President Bill Clinton stood at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and loudly proclaimed "Berlin is free!" Ace Of Base had the number song, and Forrest Gump was captivating viewers across the world. Meanwhile, in Dresden, Germany, Walter Lange, and Günter Blümlein were presenting the first (of the new generation) A. Lange & Söhne creations.

Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent: A Preview Of SIHH 2019’s Most Luxurious Ladies’ Watches

by Rhonda Riche – Watchmakers know that female collectors are just as into complicated watches as men. But there is a difference in the kind of complications women want. For example, moon phases are very popular among women, partially because they are poetic as well as useful.

Unveiling Piaget’s New Ultra-Slim Watches, A Brave New World For The Altiplano

by Hyla Bauer – Giving a taste of what's to come at SIHH, Piaget recently unveiled three timepieces that will be officially launched this month at the show in Geneva. Piaget's trio of new Altiplano models are shining examples of the brand's movement-making prowess. The Altiplano, first introduced during the 1960's in Basel, continues to shine brightly as a signature of the brand, with ever more complicated and spectacularly adorned timepieces…

Hands-On With A Handful Of Montblanc's 2019 Novelties

by Josh Shanks – 2018 saw the year of "Spirit Of Exploration," if Montblanc's pre-SIHH preview for next year is any indication, 2019 is shaping up to be an even more impressive year for the Villeret-based watchmaker. While Montblanc as a whole is a relatively new entrant to the watchmaking fold, their Minerva manufacture is no stranger to the world of haute horology.

Hands-On With A Handful Of Montblanc's 2019 Novelties

by Benjamin Teisseire – For SIHH 2019, IWC’s focus will be on Pilot's watches. A new line will take off: the Spitfire. Innovations will appear as much in materials than concerning manufacture movements. A new Top Gun series will be unveiled. A limited-edition Big Pilot Constant-Force Tourbillon “Le Petit Prince” will crown this 2019 vintage…

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